Dashwood is a creative floral design team specializing in arrangements that uniquely reflect each client’s style. Although located in Colorado, we love to travel and are always willing to find breathtaking solutions, even for faraway projects.

At Dashwood, we are passionate about blending. After all, weddings are just that—the blending of two people, each with their own stories and experiences, coming together in mutual love for one another. This fun, celebrated day represents the juxtaposition of many parts—the bride, the groom, family, friends, shared love, various stages of life. We like to think floral arrangements are a visual representation of these features. We bring together all types, shapes, sizes, and colors of flowers to form a cohesive, beautiful design, capturing the many aspects of your style and personalities.

With Dashwood, you can rest at ease. Yes, every meeting, email, and phone call all lead up to your big day. But that’s what our team understands better than most. We know that you want every part of your day to be perfect—from the music, to the photos, to the “I Do’s.” Dashwood ensures that not only are your flowers beautiful, but they flow seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decor and, most importantly, are unique to you.


Why "Dashwood"?

Like Jane Austen’s famous sisters Marianne and Elinor Dashwood, so too is Dashwood Floral comprised of a dynamic and devoted sister duo. The similarities between Genevieve Metzger and Jackie Batson to the Sense and Sensibility sisters is uncanny. Just as with the literary Dashwood girls, elder sister Genevieve is strong, passionate, and reliable—a true representation of the “wood” portion of the name; while Jackie is spontaneous and free-spirited—the embodiment of “dash”.

From a young age, Jackie and Genevieve learned their love of flowers from their mother Nora. As they grew up, her garden was always thriving and the ensuing floral arrangements sparked her daughters’ interest in learning about each and every bloom. Together the two sisters have grown what began as a floral hobby into a successful business, creating sophisticated works of art for a wide range of clientele. As the company flourished, Jackie and Genevieve realized they had outgrown their previous name, Posies and Poms. A rebirth was in order.

Drawing from the creativity and sophistication found in their mother’s favorite Jane Austen novel, the sisters chose the name Dashwood. Not only did it represent their two personalities, but it provided an elegance that ran to the roots of the company. With Dashwood Floral, each client receives a perfect blend of the two sisters’ creative strengths, seamlessly working together to bring life to your vision.



| Owner & Lead Designer

Genevieve is a light and will likely have you laughing within the first five minutes of meeting her. She is happiest when she is creating, as she has a background in interior design, makeup artistry, and florals. She puts her heart into each piece she creates to ensure that the client knows they were thoughtfully considered. Flowers bring her almost as much joy as chocolate and other sugary treats.


| Owner & Lead Designer 

Jackie brings her own sense of style to the team. “I love it when there is a cohesive design, but then bam! There's that little something unexpected to make the arrangement truly unique.” She brings a sharp business mind, attention to detail, and the ability to hear what each bride truly wants. Combined with a friendly and professional attitude, Jackie ensures each client's experience is one filled with confidence and ease.



Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.45.19 PM.png

We know how stressful planning a wedding can be. You have so many decisions to make and so many different people to talk to. We want to meet you in that place. From the very first email or phone call to your big day, we walk with you and make sure every interaction is not only friendly but professional, efficient, and easy for you.

We have a refined process that helps us get you from searching for a floral designer to holding that bouquet when you walk down the aisle.


It starTs with hello

From the first email or phone call, you will find us to be on your team, professional, and ready to help make your vision of your wedding flowers come true. Once you have reached out to us, we will follow up with you and decide when and where to meet.


what's your dream?

Whether you have a crystal-clear image of your bouquet from your dreams as a little girl, or you don't know the difference between a tulip and a lily, our team will talk with you and capture your vision for that day. We will bring our expertise and imagination to the table and together, we will create something truly stunning.


Review your Quote

We believe in making educated choices. When you get your quote, you'll receive a visual proposal and a line item quote with pricing, based on the complexity of the arrangement and the cost of the flowers themselves. Our packages start at $5,000 for 2018 and our typical bride spends around $7,000.


Say Yes!

Once we have finalized the perfect proposal, you get to say yes! We'll both sign on the dotted line and you get to check "Flowers" off your wedding planning checklist. A 50% deposit is due with your signed contract and the rest is due 1 month prior to your wedding date.


Get the Full Picture

Sometimes it's hard to really capture the beauty of your arrangements in photos. For an additional fee, we will gladly mock-up your flower arrangements so you get peace-of-mind in knowing exactly how it will look.


Final check-in

We absolutely want to stay in touch with you throughout this process because by now we're obviously friends, but a month from your Big Day, we'll call you. We want to know of any updates you may have and work out final logistics.


Say "I Do"

It's finally here! We know how excited you are, but we also know how hectic this day can be before the party begins. We arrive with plenty of time to help transform your venue into the beautiful setting where you say, "I do." For an additional fee, we will remove the floral elements after the reception. You've got a honeymoon to get to!


Let's stay friends

It makes us so happy when we get the chance to catch up with our brides once life has settled down a bit. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We'd love to grab coffee or happy hour with you and hear about married life!